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My pet, Peeves

I've always thought it would be fun to name an animal that, just to see the double-takes people would do. At the moment, though, I am feeling slightly annoyed by a couple things. The only one I'll bother mentioning is people who ask questions in reviews, and seem to want answers... but have reviewed without bothering to sign in.

If you don't sign in, people, I have no way to find you. Are you using your own name from the site to review with? I can't know that, and I'm afraid I'm not up for sending a message on the chance. So I apologize to those who asked questions in their reviews, but they're going to have to go unanswered unless you give me some way TO answer!

*sigh* All right, that's out of my system. Apologies for the small rant. Now to the important things about the past chapters of Surpassing Danger: yes, I do know I'm evil. I've known that for quite a while. You should all know it by now too. And to all those who are suspicious, or upset, I do have a few disclosures to make here. 

First disclosure (and remember once more that dead or maimed authors do not update regularly, or at all): yes, people, it's for real. Draco Black and Luna Lovegood are, as of Chapter 42, officially gone. We may see them in other venues, in flashbacks or in dream sequences, but the two so named will not be returning to their Pride.

Second disclosure: What's happened to Luna isn't nearly as bad as it appears to be. I'll be giving more information in the opening scene of Chapter 43, but remember, Luna's vehicle for delivering the Imprimatus Potion was Draco's dagger, and who here thinks Draco's dagger would give its best performance in Lucius's hands? Anybody?

Third, and currently final, disclosure: Lucius did indeed lie about Harry's fire charm. It didn't kill Draco. I'm not at liberty to disclose what did, but it was made pretty clear (or should have been) that Lucius robbed Aletha's office, so who's to say he didn't help himself to some of her samples along with her money, as Ginny already speculated?

I'm aware that my blog posts are generally longer than this, but I think that's enough for now. Off to delete my load of random spam trying to sell designer knockoff purses, and then to bed for another fun week of work. Your comments, and reviews, will help keep the author from headdesking so vehemently that she forgets all her plot points!

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Lauren on Sunday, October 27, 2013 11:06 PM
"Draco Black and Luna Lovegood are, as of Chapter 42, officially gone... but the two so named will not be returning to their Pride." So reading between the lines here/super wishful thinking, how about Luna Black and Reggie Black? Or some other incarnation of names that Draco has hidden under over the span of his time in the Pack.
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Sarah on Monday, October 28, 2013 9:54 AM
I'm with Lauren-- ever since Luna had that vision, I've been thinking that there was something off. I'm still not convinced that "Lucius" is actually Lucius Malfoy as opposed to someone who looks like him. See his line to Snape, which makes it clear that he knows that Snape is spying. Why would he tip Snape off? Why wouldn't he at least share his concerns with Voldy first? Also, whoever got into Letha's supplies knew the password, which Lucius wouldn't, and he wouldn't have thought to go looking for in Draco's head-- he'd just bust down the door. (Moreover, Letha knows it. Or at least suspects.) Or maybe it's my denial using my suspicious nature to fuel itself. Could just be that.
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Haminac on Monday, October 28, 2013 2:37 PM
Yay! OMG!! Yay!! Aaaaaaaaaaaah! yay? mh. w00t? That's the gist of my reactions to all the STUFF that is currently going on in the Dangerverse. Sometimes I would look up the and would find TWO UPDATES AT ONCE! Shocking! But absolutely not unwelcome :] I hope your health issues get better properly soon. As for the DV: Love it. I am also in the fraction that frantically hopes they have missed some detail and everything will come out right eventually. After all you showed plentyful how many crazy/unexpected/weird/interesting/w00t?? ideas you have. I love how you wrap up the parallels to the canon with your own Dangerverse and I find the whole storyarc with Luna and Draco completely thrilling because in my opinion you have shown that ANYTHING could be around the next corner (i.e. in the next paragraph) so I am totaly excited, try to expect everything and then still get blown away by what you actually have thought of xD
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