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It's novelin' time!

Well, not yet, but it will be soon. National Novel Writing Month begins in just over a week! Who's got their crazy idea ready to go? I'm torn... should I write about a magical tangle of a love-hate relationship? Or should I switch to the lady inventor and her two half-cat boyfriends? Maybe even an ancient spell with some drastic results...
I suppose I could always play fair, by the exact NaNoWriMo rules, and start completely from scratch. But the odds of that are about as good as finding someone who plays Monopoly by the official rules. I will, almost certainly, be continuing Playing with Fire this November, with Snowball (and possibly Dangerous Truths) lined up after that.
Today is Thunder Thursday, so I should really be telling you how Playing with Fire is going... or not going. Apparently those 50,000 words I knocked out in September quieted the beast for the time being, and it's now able to wait its turn more or less patiently. Given how many other projects I have started, this is probably good.
One thing I have to say I didn't expect, or really plan for, is how close a parallelism I've been able to hold between A Widow in Waiting and Playing with Fire. As we stand right now, about 1/3 through Fire, all the big events that have happened in both books have come about in chapters either with the same number or only one off.
Of course, the structure I've used for the two books is fairly similar. In Widow, I most often wrote one chapter with Eleanor in England, then the next with John in Glenscar. In Fire, while all the action takes place around Glenscar, I've still got Thunder and his people, and Grace and hers, to alternate between.
I'm also having fun recasting things that you, O readers, originally saw through John's eyes, because for all his Irish birth, John (as his priest gently pointed out) can be very English and phlegmatic at times. There are things about Glenscar he does not know, either because he's never noticed them or because they're being kept from him.
The Warbirds, too, have their tales to tell, for Darkeye's blithe little summation of "people with powers coming together" isn't the whole story (when was it ever, in an Anne work?). I hinted, in the epilogue of Widow, at a stronger purpose for their clan's existence, and some of the Easter eggs I've hidden on the site should back that up.
But more than that, many of the Warbirds joined the clan to escape troubles of their own. Do remember that things like racism, sexism, and class prejudice were established parts of society in the 1780s, and that having a discriminating manner, refusing to lower oneself by interacting with one's inferiors, could be a point of pride.
Thunder, both while he's acting as Count Yastruba and in his more comfortable persona of the Warbirds' king, adores scoring points off such people. The world thinks poorly of those to whom he was born? Let it. He can use its own beliefs against it, and force the reactions he wants simply by changing his manner of dress and speech.
Now I wonder... is there someone else around, or perhaps a number of someone elses, whose habits are similar to Thunder's own? Who've been taught the ways of society, but are no strangers to hard work? Of course there are... and of course Thunder, being human, is irritated by encountering others who do what he does!
*looks back up page* Well, that turned into a fair-length blog post for a day when I felt singularly uninspired. Comments, as always, welcome. Watch for a very special, off-schedule post tomorrow, to celebrate the Dangerverse's ninth birthday... and yes, there should indeed be a Surpassing Danger chapter to go with that!

2 Comments to It's novelin' time!:

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Elizabeth Conall on Thursday, October 24, 2013 11:36 AM
I think I'm going to take a crack at continuing Leah Far-Sighted. I think it'll move faster once I get past the introductory chapters. I hope it will, anyway. The main problem, of course, is finding the time to write, with full-time job that is not writing and when full-time school is in session.
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Ally on Thursday, October 24, 2013 7:21 PM
I want to continue my Kingsley fic, but I need people to bounce ideas off of. Work saps all my energy, unfortunately which leaves me with no plot.
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