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If it's not one day...

Apparently it's another... for missing weekend blog posts, that is. In my defense, I was sick enough on Sunday that I didn't even make it to Mass. Besides, what can I really tell you about the Dangerverse? It's at a scary point, you're all convinced I'm not doing what I appear to be, you've all got some really good reasons, and yet...
But today is Trycanta Tuesday, not Surpassing Sunday, and I did promise last week that I would tell you all about a certain project of mine which has been in the works, on and off, since 2006. Besides, what could be a better subject for a combined Trycanta/DV post than the very first DV-based novel of them all, Dangerous Truths?
If you've been around the Anne B. Walsh fandom for a while (or if you're just coming back -- welcome to some of my old/new readers!), you may remember a story called Natural Life, in which many of my readers had counterparts who unexpectedly turned into animals and were locked up by the government. If you haven't, now you know.
Why do I bring it up today? Well, at that time, I assumed that Dangerous Truths would be the first original novel I ever released, and Natural Life was supposed to be set twenty-thirty years in the future, so DT and its sequels came up a few times as something that the therianthropes (animal-people, from the Greek) were reading.
As for what happened to DT... well, I grew up some. As it sits on my hard drive now, it's just sort of "Meh". Some of the characters are unrealistic, the writing's not great, much of the plot (lifted directly from Living with Danger) doesn't make good sense... and yet, there's always been something about it that keeps drawing me back to it.
Maybe it's just sentiment. DT was my first NaNovel, for November 2006. I even started its sequel, Joyful Wings, for NaNo '07, though another DV/Trycanta novel took over my mind for NaNo '08. (You might recognize it... it's called Homecoming.) Plus, it's my first real story, recast in my first real universe. What's not to love?
Still, I've always tried my best to be realistic about my writing (though I realize I've had varying degrees of success). If it's not a good story, in and of itself, I don't want to deliver it to you, and DT was always missing something. Very likely that's because LwD relied on the emotional connection readers already had to the HP characters.
However. Anyone who's been rereading Surpassing Danger from the beginning may have noticed some comments, in the author's notes of the early chapters, about a series I called Elemental Heirs. This was a new DV-based idea I had a year or two ago, which, again, didn't pan out. The writing bogged down a few chapters in.
To me, when a story stalls that badly, it's a sign that something's wrong, and I think I was both starting that particular story in the wrong place and setting it in the wrong venue. Still, Elemental Heirs, like Dangerous Truths and company, had good things about it. It's just possible that the two stories may solve each other's problems.  
So... I'm not saying I'm going to do this now. I've got two openly declared series going already (what is the plural of series, anyway?), along with a supposed standalone, but since when have I been able to leave a perfectly good universe with just one story in it? Plus the fan fiction, which I'm not intending to abandon any time soon.
But, when I do have time, would you like to see what I'd do with DT now? It would be set in the Celitar Confederation, so with a modern/urban feel, but also partly at a Renaissance-type festival, and would involve the country's source of energy, a child who needs protection, and a couple who marry only to accomplish that... they think.
Think it over, let me know! You've got my card, but I'm not in the book, you know... *pops back down her hole giggling and wondering who will get the reference... see you all on Thursday!*

2 Comments to If it's not one day...:

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Anne S. on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 5:50 PM
I had to comment on your reference there at the end. Hi, Gopher from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh! *waves* :-)
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Anne on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 5:57 PM
"Dash it all, she's gone!" "After all, she's not in the book, you know."

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