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Universal dizziness

And no, that's not what happens when everyone in the entire world spins around at the same time. Though that would be funny. It's what happens when things line up weirdly in more than one of my fictional worlds, or in the real world and one of my written ones. Like the new CD we recently got, Celtic Thunder's "Christmas Voices".
I know it's early to be listening to Christmas music, but I won't babble too much. I'll just mention how loudly I squeed when Ryan Kelly, who inspired the character of Thunder, covered "In the Bleak Midwinter". Not to mention a Latin carol called "Gaudete" which will probably be sung at the Christmas party in Playing with Fire.
Also, I did some digging through my hard drive and my online cloud storage, and came up with a couple of pieces I'd forgotten about. One of them is fan fiction, though it's not specifically DV, and was actually my first shot at one of the ideas I'd mentioned a couple posts back (here, if you're wondering). Let me know if you'd like to see.
What about the other piece, you ask? Well, the other piece is from Glenscar, thus my bringing it up today. While I'm not sure if it, specifically, will happen in the universe as written, the story told within it about the character of Thunder is canon. I will now have a moment of freakout... there, done... and link it for your reading pleasure.
My actual words on Playing with Fire have bottomed out for the moment, as anyone who's been keeping up with my mad writing and posting of fan fiction chapters probably could tell you. It's still there, not quite in the back of my mind, more like the side, and as soon as I get Surpassing Danger to anything like a stopping place...
Though as you all should know by now, my stories have minds of their own. SD may decide, after I get us through a certain vision, that it no longer wants to be written at this point in time, and Fire may well take over its place on the front burner. Or SD may continue to have its hold on me, and Fire fit into the cracks. Who knows?
Whichever happens, Fire is shaping up very nicely, if I do say so myself. It's about 1/3 done, as I reported at the end of September, and I've been writing with A Widow in Waiting open on the desk beside me, to keep my continuity errors to the minimum. It does sometimes make me pout, because I had good ideas but they don't fit in...
But a good idea that doesn't fit in is also known as a bad idea, or a misplaced one. There'll always be another place to use it. Or so I've been told. In any case, I'm fighting hard to let Widow and Fire be the sort of books you can read back to back, or even side by side, and say, "Oh, so that's what happened after..." or "during..."
To sum up, the village of Glenscar is still very much a place I want to tell stories, and Playing with Fire may be available sooner than even I think. Though there's plenty of other writing also waiting its turn. Coming up on Saturday (and this time I mean it): updates on Killdeer and Midwinter, the latter of which is getting quite close to done!

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