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Much later, but still

It counts. Or I say it counts, and therefore it does. Even if this is going to be another combined, Wacky Weekend post, as I got caught up in doing other things yesterday and never managed to do my Sampler Saturday, but there's plenty of news about things which are neither Glenscar, Trycanta, nor Dangerverse. Though there's DV news too.

So, let us take things in their proper order. If this were still Saturday... well, then I'd have another two days on my long weekend, instead of one. But I wouldn't have had my latest crazy story ideas... ah well. For Sampler Saturday, I'd report that Killdeer is now halfway through Part Three, and since I only intend there to be four parts...

As for In the Bleak Midwinter, it's slightly stalled, but will get going again as soon as I'm off my current DV kick. (About which, more later.) The Glenscar short, as I mentioned, is done, and likewise the two Trycanta bits. The only things left are the second Killdeer sequel and the mystery story, the last in the collection.

I don't yet have firm dates for either of those, but will report when I do. As always, your politely letting people know about these books and their availability is really, really appreciated, because anyone who hasn't heard of my writing cannot buy it. Do not pressure people, simply let them know it's there, and you have my thanks!

So, on to the DV... as my readers know, I not only broke my block, I shattered it. I'll be posting Chapter 39 tomorrow (almost certainly) and Chapter 40 not far behind. Why the sudden flurry of chapters? Well, because these images have been living inside my head for a long time, and now that they finally see daylight, they wanted out BAD.

But of course, this is the head of Anne B. Walsh. The head which decides, hmm, I'm finally getting to some of the most exciting places in my enormous fan fiction, and I've got three original universes open in which I write novel-length works and several in which I do shorter stuff. I think I'll come up with some new fan fiction ideas! 

ARGH head. That is all I have to say. Well, except to ask, O readers, if you might be interested in the occasional bit of other HP work from me? It won't be DV, exactly, but it may be related. One story is Draco-centric, the other is somewhat similar to DV but has rather odd circumstances, based around something JKR released on Pottermore...

*sigh* All right, that's enough. Back to DV for now, since Chapter 39 requires only one more scene before I leave it on the worst cliffhanger yet, with a certain pair of people heading towards their inevitable battle, from which only one of them will walk away. Who will it be? And how will that play out? Find out next time...

Yeah, okay, I'll stop now. Thanks as always for reading. Comments most welcome.

2 Comments to Much later, but still:

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lillyginnyrose on Monday, October 14, 2013 7:45 AM
heeey, I don't mind you writing anything in the hp verse. be it related to dv or only reminiscent. I'm over the moon right now hearing that you're going to post a chapter today,(you wrote this yesterday and said tomorrow) I only hope it's my tomorrow and not your tomorrow. stupid time difference. And the cliffhanger... you write from cliffhanger to cliffhanger don't you? luckily you don't leave us hanging too long.
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