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I am sat upon

My stripy vibrating laprug has decided that I am going nowhere, so I might as well get started on the Sampler Saturday blog post. Or she might be sensing my frustration at the puppy. I take him out in the yard, he sniffs and plays and rolls and does nothing. I bring him back inside, and five minutes later, with no warning, he goes on the floor.

Advice about puppy training would be welcome (unless it's to use puppy pads, he thinks those are for shredding), but meanwhile, how about I talk about writing, since that's what you're here for? In the Bleak Midwinter is progressing very well, as is Killdeer, as you will see if you investigate the PerNoWriMo page... I'll wait.

No, those numbers are not a typo. I wrote about 8500 words yesterday, which may just be a personal best. Sadly for those of you waiting for Killdeer, I left the file on my other computer and can't get at it until Monday, so Midwinter (and DV, but that's a post for tomorrow) shall be my focus until then. 

Midwinter is a great topic for Sampler Saturday, because that's exactly what it's going to be, a sampler of all the universes in which I write. If you read Thursday's blog post, you saw the snippet I posted from the Glenscar story, about Thunder's sister Shadow. I'm debating posting a snippet from another story today or tomorrow... thoughts?

Whether I give you teasers or not, though, I'm really very happy with the way Midwinter is shaping up. If my current pace of writing continues (knock on woodlike substance), I should have it done by the middle of this month, which would mean I'd have plenty of time to spiff it up and still release it sometime in November.

As for Killdeer, writing on it has been slightly hit-or-miss since I started back in, but it's only been four or five days yet. Once I realized I was trying to start Part Three in the wrong POV and switched to the right one, that helped a lot. Still, writing both Killdeer and Midwinter at the same time can be a bit disconcerting.

Why? Because, as I covered (briefly) in Thursday's blog, time travel is wearing, and Midwinter, like last year's Sing We Now of Christmas, contains a sequel to Killdeer, set twelve-thirteen years down the line. It's probably bad writing etiquette to release the sequel first, but I've never noticed anyone being unwilling to buy "backstory" books.

If I can get Killdeer finished before the holidays, that would be awesome, both for me and for you. For me, because I've had this story stuck in my head for two years now, and finally getting it out will be a treat. And for you, because if you're anything like me, it's hard to decide what you want for Christmas... so you're welcome!

The second Killdeer story, "Enough", will be one of the longer pieces within Midwinter. The other long piece, amusingly, is also a sequel to part of last year's special; "What Can I Give Him?" follows last year's "The Angel and the Rose", so for anyone who's ever wanted to see my fanfic "The Point of No Return" continued, here you go!

And I think that's enough rambling for today, so I shall sign off. Krystal is out in the main room working with the puppy, who we are taking to get blessed later today with his big brother, and my sister's in a play tonight. Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow, with definitely a blog post and very possibly a Surpassing Danger chapter!

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