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It's still Thursday!

Though, because it is quite late on Thursday, at least here where I am, the blog post shall be much shorter than usual. I do apologize, but there is this thing called sleep and my body is informing me I need it. I could always face-keyboard, but that's not comfortable. So, as soon as I am done blogging, bed.

My Personal Novel Writing Month is going very well. Even on days when I don't get to the word count I'm hoping for, I'm still getting official NaNo count (1667 words a day), and usually more than that. What are those words about? Well... why not click the link in the very next paragraph and read a few of them for yourself?

Yes, it's another snippet of Playing with Fire! Click here to read what came before a certain scene in A Widow in Waiting. How did a certain set of people arrive in such a timely manner on the scene where they were needed? Have a look, and possibly comment on the Facebook page or here on the blog.

As I go along in Fire, I find it useful every so often to stop and copy my words into the book template I downloaded from CreateSpace. This will, eventually, become the PDF which will be used to print the hard copies of my novel. For now, it's not only ego-boosting to see how many pages I've already written, but also a useful tool.

How, you may ask? (Or possibly you didn't, but let's just pretend you did.) Well, it so happens that putting my words into a more "book-looking" format does something for me similar to setting aside a story for a few weeks or months. It gives me a bit of distance, and lets me look at the words as if they were someone else's. 

Why does this help? Because I have very little trouble dissecting someone else's story, though I always try to do so in as polite a fashion as possible. With my own work, by contrast, I'm too close to the problem. The words call up the vision I saw while I was writing, rather than what my readers will visualize with what I've put on the page.

But when the words are already "on the page", so to speak, suddenly I can see things a bit more clearly. Or, in some cases, I can't, and that tells me I need to redo that section. Templating also helps me spot repeated words and phrases I might not otherwise have seen. And finally? It's just plain fun, because, hey, look! It's a book!

Thank you, as always, for listening to my babble, and I hope that it helps those of you who want to be writers yourselves. Sampler Saturday coming up next, and yes, this time there should be a post for it. See you then!

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Tricia on Friday, September 20, 2013 8:43 AM
LOVE the snippet. I'm so excited to "see" these characters again so soon!
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Scott M on Tuesday, October 01, 2013 1:36 PM
Wow, great snippet! Not pleasant for Brighteye, but in this case we're certainly glad it happened. Also, interesting use of the Createspace template - it does sound like fun.
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