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Who am I tonight?

Thinking of writing a metafictional play in which that's the first line, and the ensuing monologue is all about how the character knows that he's a character, and is wondering who's playing him tonight ("I don't know his name, look him up in your programs... I'll wait"). I'm sure it's been done before, but spun right, I think it could be a lot of fun.

Today is Sunday, which means I ought to be blogging about the Dangerverse, but I didn't post yesterday due to bringing home DOGS (Buddy is two years old, Brando is four months, both black Lab mixes). So today will be a combination of Sampler Saturday and Surpassing Sunday, and probably fairly short.

Saturday's post would have been short in any case, since I haven't been writing very much except Playing with Fire for the past week or so. It's really going well (knock on nearest woodlike substance); I'll give you lots more details, and another snippet, this coming Thursday. Let me know if there's anything you'd like in particular!

The only thing to report in the category of "other writing" is that I'm thinking of putting together a music-themed anthology. I have a finished story, "Fear Itself", and one in the works, currently called "Wild Card", both of which involve music. Together they'd make about half the wordcount of an anthology like Cat Tales. Thoughts?

As for the Dangerverse, well, here we are again. I updated Surpassing Danger last week (thanks to everybody who reviewed), and now it's Sunday once more and no chapter is in sight. I could blame Playing with Fire, or the dogs, or the state of the house, but if I'm going to tell the truth, it's just the place where the story currently is.

You see, we're about to enter a fairly painful stage of SD. We've already had one death, and it's far from the last. Some of them you're prepared for; others may catch you by surprise (one of my betas, after reading the snippet I sent her, messaged me "I thought you weren't doing that!"). Stock up on tissues, folks... you'll need them.

However, we are also about to enter a phase for which I'm not quite prepared. Because of the slowdown in posting over the last few years, I've had a long time to think over some of the plot points which are now coming to fruition, and I'm not entirely sure how they'll look once they're on the screen, rather than in my head all shiny and safe.

Still, I came up with them to be shared, not to hide them away. They won't be perfect when I write them down, because nothing ever is, but I'm hoping that they will satisfy you, or at least content you. To that end, here is a small listing of what we can look forward to, as the Dangerverse wraps up its ninth book and continues into its tenth:

  • The Ministry will indeed fall, but things won't be nearly as bad as they were in canon.
  • Kreacher will get to be a bit of a hero, in his own inimitable (and cranky) fashion. 
  • Dobby may not die, but there are interesting times ahead for both his son and daughter.
  • We will see Draco again, in his rightful person, at least twice before the story ends.
  • Sirius, much to his chagrin, will end up owing Snape a favor that's hard to repay.
  • The younger Heir of Slytherin will reveal herself two days before the Final Battle.

That's all for now! Please comment, review, like, post, whatever you'd care to do, and I shall continue writing! Let me know what topics you might like to hear more about, and I'll do my best... coming up on Tuesday, unless someone supersedes it, a brief lesson in the language called Linmyra, spoken by the lyrror of Trycanta. Cheers!

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Haminac on Monday, September 16, 2013 3:20 PM
Hei! So, the Dangerverse is difficult at the moment. That's no problem. There's so much coming up that is interesting and exciting, that I'd rather have it well written but taking its time than anything else. Except for well written and fast, but you seem to have a lot on your plate. So that's out ;] For the tissues: I don't know what mean and cranky reviews you lately got, but they must have been pretty bad because your were publicy upset about it. Ignore them. Or burn them to ashes, or I don't know. But you are writing one hell of a story, and honestly: Isn't it a little bit lame, when just everybody comes through without a scratch? You're story is too good for that. So what I basically want to tell you, is: Go Anne, GO ANNE, go Anne! *jumping aroung with cheerleader pompoms*
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Anne on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 9:27 AM
Ah, but what they were upset about is that I was too nice. But meh. People will think what people will think. *enjoys the cheerleading*

pocojo on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 12:40 AM
Sorry Anne if I'm spamming your comments, but I came to look for DV-updates and found questions! And you did ask for answers! First of all, love to B&B! Come on, you totally asked for that. Even though Buddy probably came with the name. Hopefully Buddy will serve to calm and compensate Brando's puppyish energy and not go all Weasley twins on your a---ppartment. Second: your plot point spoilers rather open more questions so I don't know if to whimper my thanks or growl in fannish frustration. BTW thanks for your highlights of Snape's future, I laughed myself sick. Snape in luuuv in Sarajevo? How do you come up with that stuff? I'd really like to read Sirius and Severus as spluttering almost-Inlaws. Yay Dobby and kids! And Winky, I hope? I'm gibbering for Draco, I think his future won't be as happy an ending as I'm rooting for. Oh, to be in the hands of blind fate! Or the ineffable Anne goddess of DV. The idea of the Potters and Markus and Hagrid in some kind of Walhalla feastie is nice but I'd rather have Draco live a little more before he joins them. Ministry: I couldn't care less for it, let it fall by all means so something less creaky may arise, please, and possibly do some good to muggles and mages alike. As to the younger heir of slytherin: i can't even guess, I've thoroughly lost track of heirs and form pendants and colored baubles. Will have to re-read your opus and take notes this time. Yay kindle. Unless someone already has some table and can post it in the wikia? Tissues: bring it on, you've given us lots of feel-good upbeat stuff to balance out the BYOT moments, and when did you ever promise us a rosegarden? Anyone who can't hack the bad times can go watch a Hallmark movie. Or go read fluff. Share those pompoms, Haminac! Go Anne, GO ANNE, go Anne!!! *on her ass 'cause not cheerleader material, but still cheering*
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Anne on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 9:28 AM
Not spamming. It's fun. Glad you enjoyed the previews. :-) *sends liniment for sore areas of body from falling*

Amelia on Sunday, September 29, 2013 8:20 PM
Wait - will reveal HERself? Thanks a ton for ruining my assumptions...:( No, I wasn't being sexist. I was basing this on the fact that Draco and Sirius are the honorary Heirs of Slytherin, and all the other Heirs are honoraries for their House. Oh well. Leaning towards Luna now. Certainly she has shown Slytherin qualities while balancing what she sees adn what has to happen. Besides, it would be easier on her...but why should anything be easy? I actually did go back through the DV recently and take notes. Be prepared for a ridiculously long comment with lots of predictions. Remus and Danger's child is important. See prophecy "when those who won". I'm not sure it all the references to "lion's line" are about their kid, or if some refer to Harry and Ginny's child. Since prophecies cannot repeat things, I suspect the latter. One of them will be named Nadia. Before her birth, Harry or Remus will be hit by Voldie's Killing Curse. At the end of LwD, Danger is called Savior of the Savior, Beloved of the Heir, and Bearer of Hope. Since Nadia means Hope, she's probably Remus and Danger's child. Speaking of which, Remus exhibits oddly Heir of Gryffindor-like traits before the end of LwD - not getting sunburned, and liking hot tea. Was John Wolf somehow related to Gryffindor or something? This could have something to do with Voldemort's obsession with Remus, or Albus' desire for Harry and Remus specifically to bond. Obviously that was the Resurrection Stone Albus gave to Harry and Ginny. If he gives them the wand, will they be Masters of Death together? Also, about that myth with the phoenix reviving the queen - Albus has a phoenix. And a cloak, wand, and stone sounds oddly like a veil, sceptre, and orb. Is that actually going to happen, or am I imagining things? It would definitely explain the tile "master of death". They will retreat from Hogwarts. That was blatantly obvious from the last prophecy. When the younger Heir of Slytherin reveals herself (that is, when Harry hears Parseltongue with a friendly ear), he and another heir must go to the Founders (whose oath they swore) and get rid of their powers. Severus (the raven) will help the other Heir. If Sirius will owe him a debt, that Heir is probably Aletha or Meghan. Eithr this or the Final Battle will happen on Halloween (the night Harry's path was set). Luna's prophecy "Abhor the spell...long-improsoned youth" refers to the Draco that is now in Fox's body. The Pack should help him and not blame him for Lucius' actions. I suspect the woman Luna can faintly see in Hestia is Gryffindor's wife and Merlin's mother. Her sorrow for Merlin is deeper than that of a lover. Also, there are three other people with similar shadows, and Alex said that the Founder's wives had different magic. I would guess these are the other wives of the Founders. The Bloody Baron is Salazar Slytherin's ghost. That snow globe is ridiculously important - I did read that snippet you posted re. the two greatest dangers to Voldie. And I did notice that Harry put it in his sock drawer. The only complicated charm on Arthur's car that I can think of is the one that makes it semi-sentient, and if Voldie cast that charm it would explain the feeling the Heirs got. Also in that snippet, the owl was obviously Luna. And then the big question - Luna's vision. Lots of prophecies tell them not to worry too much. And Albus did have that plan to return Draco to his rightful place. So I think it'll be Draco masquerading as Lucius. Or maybe I'm just overly optimistic. So, really long comment Feel free to respond to as little or as much as you wish :)
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Scott M on Tuesday, October 01, 2013 1:15 PM
Lots of stuff to comment on here, but at the moment I mostly wanted to say I'm intrigued by that idea for a play. :-) Also, yay dogs!
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