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Clonking the inner editor

Hanging prominently in our kitchen (well, it will be hanging once we get the walls painted) is the smallest of the cast iron skillets Krystal inherited from her great-grandmother. It is affectionately known as the Convincer, from her habit of threatening to smack me with it when I delay too long on Dangerverse chapters.

The Convincer has not been employed over the last month or so, but only because various unfortunate life events, not writer's block, have been responsible for this particular bout of delay. On this Surpassing Sunday, I do wish to apologize for that, though sadly I still do not have a firm date when it will change.

So I suppose the best thing I can do is to talk a bit about the Dangerverse as a whole, and then about how I've adopted the Convincer as a writing tool. I'm well aware that's not what people really want, but life is full of disappointment. (Just got back from watching the Pittsburgh Pirates humiliate themselves, not in the best mood. Sorry.)

One of the biggest things I wanted to do with the Dangerverse was to show the power of a family. We have the Weasleys from canon, true, but for all that they do give Harry, we seldom get the sense that our young hero feels like he belongs there. And of course we all know what happened to his real parents, and Sirius, and Dumbledore.

While I know that this is all part of the classic heroic journey—the hero must lose his authority figures and be cast out of the social order—for the majority of us, it won't happen that way. We have families, and Dark wizards, mysterious archways, or falls from towers aren't around every corner to relieve us of such a burden.

So what are we poor mortals to do, hampered as we are with our families? What I've tried to show the Pack doing. Learn to live with each other. Support one another as best we can. Understand that destiny, or dreams, or sheer human cussedness can cause people to be difficult to live with, and don't aggravate them unnecessarily.

I've occasionally been scolded for depicting relationships as "too perfect". I prefer to think of it as writing mainly about people who've learned one of the few undeniable truths about the human race: none of us is perfect, and we all deserve to have a bit of slack cut for us, so long as we're willing to return the favor.

That being said, on to the title of this post, and my own personal Convincer. This one I use, not on myself, but on my inner editor. Not every time it edits, of course—it does sometimes have useful observations—but when it has decided to become excessively critical, even nitpicky, to the point where I can't get anything done.

So if you, like me, have an inner editor which sometimes seems more interested in tearing you down than any outside enemy could be, take my advice. Reach, mentally, for a nice, balanced, hefty cast iron skillet. You will have to imagine the loud bong sound as it bounces off your inner editor's skull, but it's well worth imagining.

That's all for now, except that I would appreciate knowing what you would like to hear about in my upcoming week of blogs! Is there a point from Homecoming you would like clarified on Trycanta Tuesday? Would you like to see a snippet of Playing with Fire on Thunder Thursday? And what should I cover on Sampler Saturday?

*in the announcer voice from Legends of the Hidden Temple* The choices are yours, and yours alone…

2 Comments to Clonking the inner editor:

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Serenity on Friday, September 20, 2013 1:16 PM
Thank you for this, Anne! My internal editor has been why I haven't written on my fanfic in several years and it has now grown dormant with layer upon layer of dust on it. =( I just keep finding things wrong with it or that I'm unsure of and can't seem to move on. Tis very frustrating! >_< However, I will take into account your suggestion and see if that helps any. *Crosses my fingers* Here's hoping. ^_^ By the way, nice Legends of the Hidden Temple reference. I loved that show! XD
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