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Fire, fire, burning bright

Apologies to William Blake, but it seemed a good lead-in to Thunder Thursday and a blog post on Playing with Fire. Which title is a multiple pun, by the by. Anyone who's read A Widow in Waiting knows that Grainne, our heroine, is a fire caller -- but who can tell me what other "fire" might appear? Story snippet as prize for correct answer!
At the moment, sadly, Fire is little more than a collection of vignettes, scenes which came to me so strongly I couldn't help but write them down, stored in a file on my hard drive. I have the basic outline of it in my head, but the impetus to get it started, get it going, get it done, is currently lacking. (Pause for sadness.)
I have a plan to find that impetus. (Pause for happiness.) Or rather, my friend Elizabeth does, and has convinced me to hop on board. She will not be able to participate in National Novel Writing Month in November this year, so she has declared a Personal Novel Writing Month in September... and I am joining her.
Now, of course, the biggest question is: Which novel should I write? I have both Playing with Fire and Snowball, the sequel to Homecoming, partly plotted in my head, and there's always Killdeer, which is sitting half-completed on my hard drive. Not to mention my oh-so-many fan fiction eruptions, which I know you all love.
Still, my mind keeps returning to Fire as the most likely candidate for PerNoWriMo. I have a pretty good idea where it should go overall, since it will parallel Widow but show either scenes we never saw or ones we only got from a single point of view. Also, you've all been very patient since Widow was released, more than a year ago.
So should I commit to writing 50,000 words of Playing with Fire for the month of September? Among the subsidiary plotlines: Liam and Andraste's courtship (you won't believe what they bond over), more of the kids' antics (surprise, surprise, in an Anne work), and a man of Glenscar whose marital status is not quite what it seems...
If you think that sounds like a worthwhile use of my time, if you would like me to proceed with Playing with Fire and possibly finish it before the end of 2013 -- or if you would rather I write something else -- I need to hear from you! I can only know what you tell me. And trust me, your comment is NOT stupid. I have SEEN stupid.
Thank you all for your attention! Sampler Saturday will feature information about both Killdeer and my latest project, novella "A Thousand Flowers", which may well become an anchor piece for my next short story collection, Here Be Dragons -- so y'all come back now, y'hear? (...yeah, I really shouldn't try to do accents, even written ones...)

2 Comments to Fire, fire, burning bright:

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Elizabeth Conall on Thursday, August 29, 2013 11:44 AM
I'd rather Snowball, but Playing with Fire is excellent too.
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Emkay on Friday, August 30, 2013 1:17 PM
Playing with fire please!
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