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The roof is FINE.

Good grief, make one joke and everybody freaks out. The roof is old, yes. So is everything about the house. It's an old house. We're going to have it checked and fixed up for winter before the end of September. Can people please calm down now?
Moving right along... welcome to what I've been informed ought to be called "Thunder Thursdays", containing news, story-bits, and general information about the historical fantasy series the Chronicles of Glenscar.
First off, yes, I am indeed working on Playing with Fire, the second in the Chronicles, sequel to A Widow in Waiting. Though given that Fire will cover much the same span of time as Widow, from different points of view, "companion piece" might be a better word. Or pair of words. Whatever. Second book in the series, at any rate.
Secondly, if you enjoyed Widow and would like more from the universe of Glenscar, "Qui Sola Ambulat" in Cat Tales is available now (the story of Anthea, John and Grace's mother, and how she made an important choice in her life), as are two Easter eggs right here on the site. Click the Glenscar book covers if you can't find them.
Now, anyone who has read "Qui Sola", or found the Easter eggs already, or hurried off to go find them as soon as they read the last paragraph (don't lie, you were one of them, weren't you?), will understand that Fire will have a strong focus on a character who was only mentioned briefly in Widow -- Starsight, Thunder and Shadow's aunt.
In fact, the entirety of Fire will be devoted to those characters whom we met only in passing in Widow, or to new sides of the ones we know. We've seen John through his own eyes, but how does he appear to the people around him? And are there things about his home he doesn't know? (Small spoiler: oh yes indeed there are...)
I should probably also mention here that the 2013 Christmas special, tentatively titled In the Bleak Midwinter, will include a Glenscar story, a good bit longer than was the flash fiction "Laeti Triumphantes" in Sing We Now of Christmas this past year. If I stay with my current theme, this year's story will be called "What Can I Give Him?"
As a final note, the December release date listed on the Original Fiction page for Fire is VERY tentative. I would love to provide the next installment in the story of Glenscar so soon, but a lot depends on other factors, many of them outside my control. Encouragement, book sales, and spreading the word are always helpful. And cookies.
That's all for now, except to thank everyone who has expressed their sympathy for the loss of our Very Large Dog, Bruce, this past Sunday. If you want to click over to the "About Anne" page, I have added a drabble (exactly 100 words of story) which helped me heal a little. I hope it does the same for anyone suffering a similar loss.
Questions, comments, snide remarks, all can be posted with the handy devices below, so get to it, people! Thanks for reading and more shall be forthcoming on Saturday!

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