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Something to think about
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Anne's Randomness

New blog!!!

Please visit my brand new blog, still called Anne's Randomness, at -- all the old posts will remain here, but I'm trying for a fresh start! See you there!

Oops, story, and vacation

Well, that was unexpected. Please do pardon the VERY long gap between posts, O readers! An awful lot of things happened, most of which you already know if you're a follower of my Facebook page, so I won't bore you, but yes, here I am again, ready to charm and delight you (or startle and fright you) on the blog of Anne's Randomness! 

Among the things that happened were some medical issues, which seem to be (slooowwly) resolving themselves, and, at last, some WRITING! Not just writing, but writing of new originals!

Something to think about

Good day to you, O readers. You might be expecting a usual Why Do I Work Here Wednesday blog post, but today is going to be a little different. I'm not quite sure where to start on this topic, so why don't I just take the advice of the esteemed Lewis Carroll, and begin at the beginning, go on until I reach the end, and then stop.

The beginning is my day job, which, as most of you know, is that of an administrative assistant at the financial services firm I am pleased to call Glass Bathroom Bank.

My life and other strange things

Happy February, O readers! Did the groundhog see his shadow yesterday? I didn't check. Things are rather quiet around here, although I do have a few funny work-related stories to relate on this Why Do I Work Here Wednesday, but overall life is going smoothly. Cross my fingers, knock on wood, click my heels, and all the rest of it.

I'm by myself in the house for the next few days, as the roommate has to go visit her family, but it's not like that is going to pose any huge problems. The dogs go out, the dogs come in, the dogs get loved, the dogs get fed, repeat.

Thoughts, and a cat in a bag

So it's been a while since I blogged, O readers. I suppose I really should toss another entry onto the old Anne's Randomness, if only to ensure that January of 2016 doesn't pass without a few words from me. Hey look, an entry! And it has words in it! Well, that wraps that up. I'm done, O readers, th-th-th-that's all folks, see you next time...

No, I'm kidding. There's going to be more than that. And given that it's Wednesday, there really should be a rant on the subject of Why Do I Work Here.

Keeping it clean

Today is the very first Wednesday of 2016, and you know what that means, don't you, O readers? That's right! It's Why Do I Work Here Wednesday on the blog of Anne B. Walsh! In which, if you're wondering what that's about, I report the latest shenanigans of my "beloved" employer, which I call Glass Bathroom Bank, and my reaction thereto.

Management at GBB recently decided that too much money is being spent on custodial services. So starting next month, all desk trash cans will be removed.


Throughout time, across cultures, the idea of sisters has always been an important one. In mythology, groups of sisters often hold great power. Think of the Muses and the Fates, or the Furies and the Sirens, in Greek mythology. In more recent terms, many fairy tales revolve around sisters, or even more often, stepsisters.

The tellers of tales knew, long before the modern soap opera was ever dreamed of, that families make for drama, and blended families more than most. Just consider Cinderella, and her Wicked Stepmother and Ugly Stepsisters.

What you should know

Hello again, O readers! I know it must be surprising, getting two blog posts from me within a week, after such a long silence. Consider it either something extra to be thankful for, since Thanksgiving is celebrated this Thursday in the United States, or Christmas (or other wintry holiday of your choice) coming early, as you please.

Two-parter today, first a refresher course on where and how you can find books by Anne, in all their various formats, and then a Made-Up Monday story for you as well!

We're back!

We being, of course, Fiction Friday and I. Take a bow, Friday. And now me. Greetings, O readers! It's been an exciting month since last I blogged, featuring such delights as plumbing disasters, falling pieces of ceiling, dogs who need pills (cream cheese helps), humans who need pills (just some water, thanks), and... wait for it... writing.

Now, by writing, I don't mean only the silly, all-for-me stuff I tend to crank out during NaNoWriMo. Though I'm doing that too. No, I mean actual readable writing.

My greatest fear

Happy Halloween, O readers. One year ago today, I posted the last installment of the main Dangerverse. Who would have thought that one year later, I'd be... well, pretty much just where I was last year at this time, except more so. Things have changed, certainly, but mainly they have not changed for the better, I'm afraid. Let me explain.

As most of you know, I inherited from my father a tendency to light-sensitive migraines. What I did not know until recently is my mother's contribution.
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