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Useful Links
Anne's Facebook page: Updated daily with snippets of information and links to new chapters as they become available!
Anne's Amazon homepage: All Anne's Kindle books in one spot, along with a link to be notified of new publications by email.
Anne's Smashwords profile: If you have a Nook, iPad, or other e-reader, or a coupon code for a free book, this one's for you!
Anne's Etsy site: For a signed copy of an Anne original, or a bookplate with Anne's signature for a book you already have.
Anne's Fictionpress page: Free, original fiction, spanning many Anne universes, including the first seven chapters of Homecoming and some side stories published nowhere else!
Anne's page: The first website where the Dangerverse was ever posted.
Anne's page: An invitation-only website of some of the best Harry Potter fan fiction authors. Epub and mobi files available here!
Lulu books: This link will take you to a Google doc holding links to all the completed Dangerverse books in paperback form. Please be aware that Anne makes NO money from these books, as that would be thoroughly illegal.
Glenscar Tumblr: A Tumblr page started by one of Anne's fans, featuring pictures and links related to the Chronicles of Glenscar.
Dangerverse Wiki: A wiki page with plenty of Dangerverse information neatly categorized... could it use your help to grow and become better?
Anne on TV Tropes: The Dangerverse, Glenscar, and Anosir pages on the popular website of all things trope.
If there's a link you don't see, and would like to, click the "Contact Anne" link to your left and let Anne know about it today!
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