Anne B. Walsh - Do you believe in magic?
Other Works
Some of my works of fan fiction have been informed by the Dangerverse, but do not truly lie within it. These include:
Be Careful, by Anne B. WalshBe Careful: Surely the longest not-quite-DV piece I've ever done, clocking in at over 200K. It was sparked on my first reading of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and follows Draco Malfoy through the course of his highly improbable seventh year. He should have paid attention to his proverbs...
The Witch of the Westmoreland and Going Home: Shorter pieces, and should be read with one another for the fullest understanding. The first one borrows from the folk song of the same name; the second appears to be canon, but isn't really...
For Your Own Good (in progress March 2015): Two worlds, one very like HP canon, one very different, are linked by the dreams their inhabitants share, but who's dreaming who? How much can they trust what they see in their sleep? And what do a brown leather coat and an ugly orange hat have to do with anything?
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