Anne B. Walsh - Do you believe in magic?
Killdeer is Anne's first science fiction novel; its first quarter was published as "Music Hath Charms" in Cat Tales. Come visit the greater galaxy, meet the people who live there, and learn what stories they have to tell...
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Killdeer, by Anne B. WalshKilldeer 
She was looking for music. She found a mystery...
Elspeth only wanted some new songs. Instead she found evidence that her brother Anton had kidnapped a clan of "quasi-humans" to study them.
But how "quasi" can the Aelur be, when they sing and speak and laugh, when Elspeth's new friend Nightsinger gives her such interesting thoughts?
Can the wisdom of the Aelur, the knowledge of the greater galaxy, and the help of friends make Elspeth worthy of both her worlds?
Available now in e-book form at Amazon and Smashwords, and in hard copy at CreateSpace and Etsy

Star of Wonder by Anne B. WalshStar of Wonder (FREE!)

The first four short-form sequels to Killdeer, as originally published in Anne's holiday collections! Now available FREE to her readers in e-book form as a thank-you for their kind patronage throughout the years! 

Contains "Glorious Song of Old", "Enough", "The Tenth Lady", and "Sun and Moon and Stars of Light". Please enjoy! 
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