Anne B. Walsh - Do you believe in magic?
The Chronicles of Glenscar
Welcome to a world where magic lives in the quiet moments of the everyday, and where rich and poor, settled and wanderers, might have more in common than they dream. Welcome to the Chronicles of Glenscar.
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A Widow in Waiting, by Anne B. Walsh 
Volume I: A Widow in Waiting
Who killed Alfred de Maine, Lord Farnton? His pretty widow Eleanor knows the truth, but she also knows the value of a secret...
Will patience, love, and Eleanor's magic of moving win her the man she wants? Or is she doomed to live and die a Widow in Waiting?
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Playing with Fire, by Anne B. Walsh

Volume II: Playing with Fire (on hold)
Thunder, king of the traveling clan called the Warbirds, has rid dozens of girls of the magic which terrified them. Why should lovely Grainne be different?
But instead of fearing what she can do, Grainne has learned to use it. She's flattered by Thunder's attentions, but isn't about to let him steal her power.
Now the two are tangled in a web of magic, from which neither can be freed alone. Will it be their doom, or their salvation, that they tried Playing with Fire?
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