Anne B. Walsh - Do you believe in magic?
If so, read on...
Welcome to the homepage of author Anne B. Walsh, creator of fine fantasy and science fiction for your reading pleasure. If you enjoy stories that entertain you, lift your mood, and make you think just a bit, then you've come to the right place!
Anne's open universes for novel-writing include historical fantasies like A Widow in Waiting, first entry in the Chronicles of Glenscar; family-focused fairy-tale retellings like Homecoming, which opens the Tales of Anosir; and her sci-fi debut Killdeer.
In addition to her novels, Anne writes short stories, both by herself and in collaboration with other writers. This includes her yearly holiday collections, like 2014's Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day, 2015's Masters in This Hall, and 2016's I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day, along with FREE unitary collection Star of Wonder. If you're in a hurry, why not give some of them a try? 
Anne also writes Harry Potter fan fiction, where she often goes by the user name of "whydoyouneedtoknow" (ah, sweet irony). In that arena, her best-known work is AU story Living with Danger and its sequels, collectively known as the Dangerverse, which after ten years of writing and nearly two million words is now complete!
Previous attempts at blogging haven't gone so well for Anne, but the fourth time should be the charm... right? See for yourself at Anne's Randomness, updated between two and four times a week (now updating again in 2017!). 
There's also, of course, the list of Useful Links, with everything from (more) free fiction to wiki pages to general insanity, and the Contact Anne link for those who'd like to ask a question, send a message, or conduct some other item of business.
Updates about all things Anne will be available right here, as well as on her Facebook page, so don't forget to check back often! Thanks so much for visiting, and please enjoy your day!
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