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How do they find me?
Daughter of hope
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Anne's Randomness

Click, click, hiss

And no, that is not what you hear when you scare a cat wearing tap shoes. Though I will have to remember that as a punchline for one of my signature really bad jokes. It is, in fact, part of a song from a Broadway musical of years gone by, which is about workers at a pajama factory who go on strike to get a seven and a half cent raise.
What's that you say? Making it up? Perish the thought. I would never do such a thing. Well, actually, I do it all the time. But on this occasion, it's gospel truth.

How do they find me?

Not only a quote from one of my favorite movies, the identity of which I shall reveal further down, but the title of my post for today is an honest question. How do you find me, O readers? What, or who, led you to the writing of Anne B. Walsh, and what is it that keeps you around through my strange and often infuriating twists and turns?
"They come here, they all come here. How do they find me?" So spake Max Bialystock, producer of guaranteed Broadway flops, right up until the one he intended to be.

Daughter of hope

No, for once, the title of this blog post does not refer to anything involving the Dangerverse, or even the Chronicles of Glenscar, in both of which I have used puns relying on the meanings of names. It is simply an indication that the narrator of the Fiction Friday post for today (yes, it's back!) is somehow important to her people.
How so? Well, today's little story is a Trycanta tale, and our storyteller is... but perhaps I should let her speak for herself, while I get back to the Dangerverse.


Having just Tweeted out a sentiment which is probably going to get me castigated the length and breadth of the Internet, I thought I would follow up, and perhaps clarify, here in a more expansive environment. Will this stop people from taking me to task and claiming I am a horrible person? Probably not, but a girl can hope.
Basically, my Tweet for today states that I cannot care about everything. Please note this does not mean that I don't care about anything! In fact, rather the opposite.

Learning experience

When I was growing up, my younger siblings and I used to love the VeggieTales videos. For anyone who is unaware, VeggieTales are computer-animated cartoons of talking vegetables with fun songs and a quirky sense of humor, which teach Christian lessons like kindness, friendship, and sharing. And that pirates don't do anything.
Whether it was about pirates, superheroes, or rubber-duck-loving kings, every VeggieTales show ended with a little song about what we learned today. Bob the Tomato hated that song, both because it would interrupt him while he was talking and because it's so very catchy that once you hear it, it Never.

In Sanity

Or rather, out of Sanity, since if Sanity were the name of a town, it is not one where I would spend much time. A lot of people have told me that they wish they could write like I can. I tell them that they would not want what comes along with it, since having a vivid and far-ranging imagination is very often more of a curse than a blessing.
Now I just have to decide in which state Sanity is located. Perhaps, as Calvin of "Calvin and Hobbes" once told his teacher, it's in the state of Denial?

Cats, naps, and tips

A bit of a random blog post title, but then, this will be a bit of a random blog post. I know: shock and awe! A random blog post? From someone who has called her entire blog "Anne's Randomness"? How amazing! Well, yes, but this post will be even more random than usual. You have been warned. Don't say you weren't.
First on the list of random topics: cats! After a suitable period of grieving for our much-loved Poppy and Sesame, we've decided it's time to move on. If all goes as planned, we will be bringing home a pair of pretty black sister-felines named Starsky and Hutch this very weekend.

Celebrate good times

Come on! And yes, you do now probably have that song playing in your head. Look up those first five words if you have no idea what I mean. You might never get it out of your head, and if so, my evil plan has been fulfilled! Mwahaha! And yes, of course I am evil. I am, in fact, the panther author goddess of evil, or PAGE. (Long story.)
In any case, what I mean by celebrating good times is twofold. It may still be August, but Christmas and this year's holiday special are coming up fast.

Starting over?

So according to the site I use to maintain my website and blog, I have no posts, no comments, and no traffic. I have often wondered what life would be like if that were true. If I had never followed that thought about writing a fan fiction where Harry got a new chance from the beginning, or if it had stayed the famous ten chapters long.
Where would I be today, if I hadn't written the Dangerverse? I was already writing in Trycanta before that, but let's be honest. Those stories were awful.

The sea-bride

Some days having an author-minder is more trouble than help. She thinks she has all these advantages just because we share a house and a pair of dogs (and soon, we hope, a pair of cats as well). She thinks she can nudge me into writing in the universe she'd like most to see, just by giving me big pleading eyes and offering me treats.
Isn't it sad that she understands me so well? Here, by special request, is today's Fiction Friday story, from the universe of the Chronicles of Glenscar.
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