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And so it ends
The sea-bride, part three
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And so it ends

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time there was a girl, twenty years old but still very young, and that girl loved the books of the Harry Potter series. One of her two roommates got her interested in reading fan fiction, and then in writing it, and one day a thought came to the girl. What if, somehow, Harry could have had a family?
The girl intended this story to be brief. She would sketch out what might have been in a few short chapters, and then return to her more serious, canon-based fic.

The sea-bride, part three

And so, it is a day of endings. This will be the last true Fiction Friday post this year, since National Novel Writing Month begins tomorrow, and I plan to give you snippets from my project on Fridays through November at least. This not only takes a bit of pressure off me, but means I can collect the 2014 Fiction Friday posts together.
What will I do with them once they're collected? I was thinking of sorting them out, giving them silly day-of-the-week names, and publishing them as an e-book.

Occupational questions

That is, those questions which my occupation forces me to ask more often than I otherwise might. If, for instance, I were a pirate, I might have occasion to ask why the rum was gone (though if Captain Jack had been visiting lately, I might not need to ask). Since I am a lowly administrative assistant, my questions are rather different.
For those of you who may not have been keeping up with Why Do I Work Here Wednesday, "administrative assistant" is a fancy way of saying secretary.

Oh, the places it goes

My brain, that is. Watching TV last night, I discovered that the word buccaneers comes from the French boucane, meaning a framework of green sticks on which meat was skewered or hung to cook slowly in smoke. Where does my brain go? To Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, and the rest of the pirate crew as modern-day barbecue pitmasters.
And if you have Captain Hook, you must have Peter Pan, no? Perhaps headlining a show at the Neverland Casino, which is run by a lady known as Tiger Lily?

Of palavers and possibilities

I hope to make today a double Fiction Friday, with this blog post and the third-from-the-end chapter of the Dangerverse (does that scare you as much as it does me?), but I cannot yet be certain if that will happen. Still, I can give you this little story from Trycanta, about one reaction of its two native races to the newly come third race.
If you have kept up with some of my Trycanta Tuesday posts, you may see some irony in certain bits of this story near its end, where possibilities are being outlined.

He'll never notice!

So while I am occasionally having a hard time coming up with subjects for blog posts on my other weekdays, since most of my writing in Glenscar and Trycanta is on hold and I don't have any other original projects going except the holiday special, Why Do I Work Here Wednesdays are no problem at all. This should not surprise anyone.
Today's post is about one of my nine bosses, whom we shall call Gabe. Gabe asked me to have his new corkboard hung up while he was away on vacation. Now, bear in mind that this corkboard had already arrived in its box, I'd carried it to Gabe's desk, and therefore we'd both seen its size.

So shall you reap

Today sees the establishment of the final piece of my weekday themed series, that is, Made-Up Monday. I shall do my best to have either this or Fiction Friday every week, and some weeks you might just get lucky and have both of them. Does that sound good, O readers? I certainly hope so. The more I write, the better my skills get.
While I wasn't able to write you another installment of "The Sea-Bride", today's story is indeed from the Chronicles of Glenscar, and falls after "Qui Sola Ambulat".

Just one little problem

So for those of you who may not have seen my post last week introducing Why Do I Work Here Wednesdays, my day job title is that of administrative assistant. This combines secretary, receptionist, floor mom, and coordinator of various things which happen in an office, including, quite recently, a move by one of the teams I support.
Now an office/cubicle move isn't quite as much fuss as moving from one place you can live to another, but it's still got a good bit of annoyance attached to it.

The Jewels of the Goddess

Good morning, everyone, and happy Fiction Friday! The short-short story I have to offer you today is based on something I tried writing lo, these many moons ago, but which never quite gelled into an acceptable piece of work. Sometimes it can be hard to find the flaws in your own writing, simply because you're a little too close to it.
But in any case, I've tried to make this a fun little story, amusing and a bit thought-provoking, like most of what I write. Let me know if I've succeeded, won't you?

Introducing Why Do I Work Here Wednesdays!

So since my first post this week was on Monday, apologizing for my lack of posts last week, I feel the need to post again today. Perhaps this would be a good time to debut another day of the week series: Why Do I Work Here Wednesdays! (And to all those literalists who will point out little things like paychecks, I have only this to say: MEH.)
For anyone who doesn't know, I have a day job in downtown Pittsburgh, in a big old office tower belonging to a company I like to call Glass Bathroom Bank.
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