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The most incredible thing, part 6
Today is different
The most incredible thing, part 5
The most incredible thing, part 4
Attitudes and platitudes


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The most incredible thing, part 6

As so often happens to me, my retelling of "The Most Incredible Thing" is turning out longer than I expected. Still, I don't think you mind that, O readers, so happy Fiction Friday! Today's installment ends, as last week's did, on a cliffhanger, but I may do what I did this week and get in a Made-Up Monday post as well, to help resolve it.
A word about one of my newest goals over at my Patreon page, that of Made-Up Mondays. It is meant to reward my patrons, not charge them more money.

Today is different

So typically, O readers, on a Why Do I Work Here Wednesday, I would be typing up a firebreathing post about how rotten this job is and how frustrated it makes me. But today I'm feeling different. Sadly, in this case, different does not mean better. With your permission, I'm going to try and use this post to figure out what it does mean.
One of the first things it means is sick. I'm a tad lightheaded at the moment, and my head is also rather painful. I'm looking at my screen through sunglasses.

The most incredible thing, part 5

Surprise! Happy Made-Up Monday, O readers! You've all been so appreciative of my latest fictional endeavors that I thought I'd give you the next installment of "The Most Incredible Thing" a few days early. Besides it being good practice for me to get my daily words done, it's my way of kicking back against the frustrations of daily life.
Yes, the job is frustrating me again. When doesn't it? Today was particularly bad, however, so as my way of getting my own back, I've taken time to write.

The most incredible thing, part 4

So this has been a busy week for me, O readers. I've been fixing lots of "broken" printers (which generally just need refills of paper or ink) and getting my boss two cups of coffee at a time, cleaning up after Buddy the Destructo-Dog and Brando the Mud-Pup, and thinking about graduation and confirmation presents for my brothers.
Still, I've found some time to write, as followers of my fan fiction already know, and as readers of my Fiction Friday posts here on the blog will soon discover.

Attitudes and platitudes

"What do you read, my lord?" "Words, words, words." So say Polonius and Hamlet, in one of the most-quoted plays of all time. Some things never change, O readers. Happy Why Do I Work Here Wednesday, on which I shall be discussing the nature of words, how they can mean both exactly what they say and something very different.
Anyone who's worked in the modern world is familiar with business platitudes, sayings which may once have been wise but are now simply tired and frustrating.

The most incredible thing, part 3

Happy Fiction Friday, O readers! It seems this story has been percolating in the back of my mind for quite some time, because no sooner do I open up a document than words come leaping out, lining up and bouncing on their toes. "Come on, come on, come on! Put us down on the page already! We want to be read! Hurry it up, woman!"
Now if only I could get my novels to do that... but I digress. Today's installment of "The Most Incredible Thing" is brought to you in part by tea and tiredness.

Next verse, same as the first

Why do I work here? Oh, that's right. Those pesky little things called bills. Welcome, O readers, to yet another installment of Why Do I Work Here Wednesday! Today's topic: why the technology department needs to learn to read, or, "we sent your form to the wrong team and it's been rejected but that's not our problem, do it over again".
If I ever need a prototype for writing about frustrating bureaucracy, the process of getting software and access here at Glass Bathroom Bank would do it.

The most incredible thing, part 2

Good morning, O readers, and happy Fiction Friday! Or good afternoon or good evening, whatever it is where you are. Today, as promised, I continue my retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Most Incredible Thing", with a slightly modernized twist on the usual setup of "win the contest to win the kingdom and the Princess".
If you were here on the blog yesterday, you may remember that I spent some time thinking "aloud" about ways I could turn my writing into a paying job.

The countdown commences

Greetings, O readers. We had our usual Why Do I Work Here Wednesday post yesterday, but today's post will be somewhat different. Today, my friends, is Why I Won't Be Working Here Anymore Thursday. Or rather, Why I May Not Be Able To Work Here Anymore After Another Year Thursday, but that's kind of long for everyday use.
Now nobody panic, please. (Including me.) This isn't going to happen immediately, if it happens at all, but it has put me on a bit of a deadline in terms of writing.

Psychic psecretary

Welcome to Why Do I Work Here Wednesday, O readers, back in its normal slot on, well, Wednesday! It has been a more than usually interesting week already and we're not even halfway done, but thanks to tea, patience, writing, a hearty sense of humor, and a lot of early training with children and animals, I'm fighting my way through.
Today's topic is what Glass Bathroom Bank calls "onboarding", which is a fancy term for getting newly hired employees their computers, software, access, etc.
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