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Research project

Good morning, all! Welcome to yet another Fiction Friday, with the return of Trycanta to the realm of flash fictions! My apologies for a lack of blog post last week, but the Dangerverse decided that I was going to write it NOW and would not give me any brain-space for anything else. Stories can be demanding little buggers at times.
In any case, I'm back on track this week (after having made all my DV readers scream, which was fun), and writing once more about the intriguing world of Trycanta.

Anonymously famous

Most of my fiction-writing brain cells are elsewhere on this Fiction Friday, so you will just have to live with another story drawn from life, O readers. This one is from my own point of view, or rather the point of view of the person I hope someday to be, and is a musing on certain aspects of the culture I perceive around me every day.
Writing on my current projects is somewhat sporadic, but I hope to be sending fanfic update notices very soon. As for originals, your guess is as good as mine.

Once upon a reality

Since there will be no Fiction Friday post next week, the post for today ought to be extra special. Unfortunately, most of my brainpower is currently directed towards fan fiction and the satisfactory scribbling of same. I've been writing the Dangerverse for nearly ten years, so it seems fitting that I put plenty of effort into finishing strong.
Consequently, today's Fiction Friday post, instead of being a truly fictional piece of imagination, will be a lightly fictionalized memory of your author, O readers.

Spoiler alert

The title of the Fiction Friday post for today plays two roles. While it is the title of the flash fiction I shall be offering you shortly, it is also a very real warning. If you read either my fan fiction Dangerverse, or my original series the Chronicles of Glenscar, there's a definite possibility that you may learn something you didn't know.
I might have used today to grow another pretty little fairy tale tree, except that one of my commenters is unpleasantly fond of the chainsaw of real world logic.

The foolish prince and the wise sisters

So once again, we come to Fiction Friday, this time with another fairy tale offering. What can I say? I like the genre. I like the style, the feel of a spoken story written down, and I like the way that cleverness, or goodness, or both, win out over stupidity and evildoing. I like the images they invoke, even if I wouldn't want to live like that.
Today's tale is, as the title of this post might suggest, about a prince who misuses his position and the three clever women who teach him that he shouldn't do that.

Waxing quarter

So today is something of a gala Fiction Friday for me. Not only do I have a funny little flash fiction for you, but I also have an announcement! You heard me, O readers -- for the first time in months, I am pleased to announce that a novel-length fanfiction by Anne B. Walsh will be updated with Chapter 52, "Locked and Barred", later on today!
Why haven't I named that novel-length fanfic? Well, I'm still in the preview lines of the blog, and italics come out funny in the previews.

Over the hills and far away

So Fiction Friday seems to be the only time I post on my blog any more. For that I do apologize, but there has been a distinct lack of writing-related news lately. I wish I could be more interesting, more productive, more this, that, or the other, but I can only be what and who I am, a rather tired and not terribly coherent author-creature.
In any case, today's Fiction Friday post has possibilities. It was born on a little path into the woods at the end of one of the roads where we often walk the dogs.

Exit, pursued...

When I was a senior in high school, I was tasked with the semi-enviable job of cutting down a Shakespeare play to thirty minutes while keeping it intelligible. This was for entry into a local high school festival, and the play we chose to perform was "The Winter's Tale", which veers wildly from tragedy to comedy about halfway through.
The turning point, when the story changes from being about an insanely jealous king and his stupid mistakes to being about bumbling rustics and two young lovers?

A tale of two tails

Yes, that is a silly title for a Fiction Friday post. Am I going to use it anyway? Of course I am. What else would I call a story from the point of view of a certain small four-legged nuisance currently inhabiting my house? He caught a moth on the wing the other night, by the way. The nickname "cat-dog" gets more apt every day.
I apologize that this is one of my shorter Fiction Friday bits, and that it doesn't have much to do with anything. Honestly, I'm not having the best of times right now.

Mother knows best

In the United States of America, this coming Sunday is the date chosen to celebrate mothers. I am working on a longer story as a gift to my own mother, but rather than try to slice out some of it for today's Fiction Friday post, I thought I would write a separate fic, about both motherhood and another idea much on my mind just now.
Part of being a mom, as far as I can see, is the ability to keep your kids guessing. They should know that they can trust you, yes, but they shouldn't know everything.
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