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The golden ladder
I live!
As long as life endures
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The golden ladder

While I was trying to choose a universe in which to write my weekly flash fiction for this fourth Fiction Friday, an idea involving several well-known fairy tales, and the motif of working with thread and cloth which is so much a part of the European tradition, sneaked up and took possession of my mind, and refused to go away.
So, rather than fight for space in one of my established worlds, I wrote down what I was thinking about, and thus today's Fiction Friday piece is a fairy tale crossover.

I live!

Yes, I have returned! Hold your applause until the end, please. After a migraine which lasted four days and a general condition of BLAH for nearly two weeks, I am once again fit to blog and going about my business! Not that I've managed to get much actual writing done, mind you, but I am at least able to look at a computer screen.
This post will be more than usually random, as my life has been the same way lately. Sadly, while randomness may be fun, it does not make for a word-productive Anne.

As long as life endures

So I changed my mind about what the Fiction Friday short-short would be called. I do that from time to time. The stealth pun is the same, more or less, as is the world in which this story is set, but the subject matter is different. Instead of frustrated love and music, we get fulfilled love and poetry. I think you can deal with that, O readers.
This story is for everyone who's been longing for more writing in the universe of the Chronicles of Glenscar, and has solidified a certain thought process in me.

Why I oughtta...

When one is an author with a day job, a house, and dependents, that sentence fragment has many endings, though none of them are quite the same as the original meaning of the phrase, namely, I am barely able to restrain myself from punching your face in. (Though after the morning I've been having at work... but I digress.)
My dependents happen to be four-legged and furry, but for this discussion, that's beside the point. They still need me, both materially and emotionally. In the same way, my house is fairly small, but it's still a house.

What's working

Well, Fiction Fridays are a big hit, it seems. Even the French spammers like them. Now if only I had some good news to share on Trycanta Tuesday! I know basically how the next Trycanta novel will begin, and I still have bits and pieces of short stories floating around my head, but motivation to continue anything is unfortunately absent.
I know I traditionally do some kind of April Fool's joke for you, O readers, but this year I'm afraid I'm not in the mood for playing games.

Just be yourself

Welcome one, welcome all, to the second weekly Anne B. Walsh Fiction Friday! The selection I have prepared for you today comes from my Legendbreakers universe, and will probably be expanded into a larger story at some point. Its title is the same as that of the blog post, though it means something a bit different than usual...
In any case, today's story is longer than last week's, clocking in at 1000 words, right at the limit for a flash fiction or short-short story (both terms can apply).

Logic and logistics

I thought I perhaps should devote a post to the mechanics of obtaining an Anne B. Walsh original, both e-book and paperback, since a great many people have been asking. So, O readers, this one's for you! Nice, clear directions, in an easy-to-read format, and if it's popular I might just scoot it over onto the main website!
Which is not to say I haven't been writing. I have. The writing is just very slow, and not, perhaps, in the places that most of you (and I!) would prefer that it be.

The cold never bothered me anyway

If only that were true... the weather does not appear to have gotten the memo that it is officially spring, and is merrily handing out winter temperatures and even some predicted snow for later today. While I greet snow with glee in November and December, by late March, I'd rather that it get out of the way and let in the spring.
But in any case -- brace yourselves, O readers -- today's blog post will be on the topic for the weekday! Yes, it's Trycanta Tuesday, and I have in fact been writing Trycanta!

Introducing Fiction Fridays!

As suggested by a commenter, O readers, today is the very first Anne B. Walsh Fiction Friday! I have written you a 500-word flash fiction for your reading pleasure, and will try to do the same next Friday, and the one after that, and so on... but I need prompts, so please, leave one at the beep! Or in the comments. Same thing.
Today's flash fiction is a sequel to "Nor Earth Sustain" by Elizabeth/Alex Conall (who goes by either name depending on venue and mood), fromIn the Bleak Midwinter.

Stuck in the middle

One moment while everyone gets done humming... there, that should do it. I hoped to have good news to share with you today, but sadly all I have is more of the same. Loads of story ideas, but nothing that wants to solidify into words. Everything feels either repetitive and unsatisfying, or too nebulous and high-concept to work.
Everybody goes through droughts, I know, but dang it, I was doing so well! And then... well, and then. And everything's felt dreary and/or confusing ever since.
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