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Starting over?
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Celebrate good times

Come on! And yes, you do now probably have that song playing in your head. Look up those first five words if you have no idea what I mean. You might never get it out of your head, and if so, my evil plan has been fulfilled! Mwahaha! And yes, of course I am evil. I am, in fact, the panther author goddess of evil, or PAGE. (Long story.)
In any case, what I mean by celebrating good times is twofold. It may still be August, but Christmas and this year's holiday special are coming up fast.

Starting over?

So according to the site I use to maintain my website and blog, I have no posts, no comments, and no traffic. I have often wondered what life would be like if that were true. If I had never followed that thought about writing a fan fiction where Harry got a new chance from the beginning, or if it had stayed the famous ten chapters long.
Where would I be today, if I hadn't written the Dangerverse? I was already writing in Trycanta before that, but let's be honest. Those stories were awful.

The sea-bride

Some days having an author-minder is more trouble than help. She thinks she has all these advantages just because we share a house and a pair of dogs (and soon, we hope, a pair of cats as well). She thinks she can nudge me into writing in the universe she'd like most to see, just by giving me big pleading eyes and offering me treats.
Isn't it sad that she understands me so well? Here, by special request, is today's Fiction Friday story, from the universe of the Chronicles of Glenscar.

Avoiding writing by blogging

Except that blogging is also writing. And having typed that, I proceeded to spend the next ten minutes getting tea, running errands, checking email, etc. My end-of-story nerves, as I Tweeted a little while ago, are starting to creep up, and this set will be a doozy, because I cannot think of any other project on which I have spent ten years.
And what will I have to show for it, when I'm all done with the Dangerverse? Well, I'll be able to point at it and say, "Look what I did!

Think, think, think

As the Dangerverse winds towards its conclusion (and let me just say in passing, YIKES), I cannot help but wonder. Have I done all I could for you, O readers, these last ten years? Have I kept you excited to see what happened, intrigued by the secrets, contented with my twists on Harry Potter canon? In other words, how'm I doing?
The reason I ask is that the Dangerverse has a strong hold on my mind. So strong, in fact, that new stories often take DV shapes in my head without my intention.

Made-up Monday

Or in other words, Fiction Friday, even though Friday is long past. Which makes me sad because it means that the work week has started over and I will not have another weekend for five whole days! Well. Four and a half, by now. Still, weekends are much my preferred time, since they bring me the ability to do things on my own schedule.
How could this be achieved in the rest of the week, you ask, O readers? I think you already know. If and when I can make a living at writing, that's how. But I've said enough about that in other venues, and in this one in previous posts, and I should get on with telling you a story, since that's what I said I would do for my post today.

From Amazon to zucchini

As promised, a widely-spanning blog post today, though I am afraid I have no pictures of garden produce for you at the moment. Perhaps on Saturday I will post a series of pictures, to show you how I transform one large zucchini and a few cups of baking supplies into a delicious batch of muffins. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
The Amazon in today's title refers to a very cheering trend. I log into my Amazon account every few days, and what have I been discovering there? Sales.

Wherever you go...

As per the old saying, wherever you go, there you are. I find this useful in dealing with all sorts of negative people, very much including reviewers, but also in thinking about new fictional settings and story ideas. Wherever my characters go, whatever they do, they'll still all be people, who have virtues, vices, desires, and dislikes.
So, my first line of thought when dealing with any new story runs like this: How would people, with all their different VVDD, respond to X set of circumstances?

Stolen cub

Today is Fiction Friday, and I am in full-out Dangerverse fan fiction mode, so you will just have to put up with a Dangerverse entry for Fiction Friday along with a chapter. I'm sure you're all terribly disappointed by this. I'm also in something of a hurry, so forgive the rushed opening!

Today's story, as I promised on the Facebook group, is set about a year after the war and features Charlie Weasley and his continuing adventures with nasty werewolves. Read carefully and you might notice a pattern emerging.

Pups and downs

I suppose I should save the title of this post for a few weeks from now, when football season starts, but I like it too much, so here it is today. I have indeed been feeling the effects of the emo-coaster lately, but what else is new. I'm human, and easily frustrated by things like demanding bosses, unending chores, and rude reviewers.
Fortunately, I have dogs. Buddy the big dog and Brando the little dog do add to the aforementioned frustration at times, but they also subtract from it.
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