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The most incredible thing, part 2
The countdown commences
Psychic psecretary
The most incredible thing, part 1
Reading between the lines


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The most incredible thing, part 2

Good morning, O readers, and happy Fiction Friday! Or good afternoon or good evening, whatever it is where you are. Today, as promised, I continue my retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Most Incredible Thing", with a slightly modernized twist on the usual setup of "win the contest to win the kingdom and the Princess".
If you were here on the blog yesterday, you may remember that I spent some time thinking "aloud" about ways I could turn my writing into a paying job.

The countdown commences

Greetings, O readers. We had our usual Why Do I Work Here Wednesday post yesterday, but today's post will be somewhat different. Today, my friends, is Why I Won't Be Working Here Anymore Thursday. Or rather, Why I May Not Be Able To Work Here Anymore After Another Year Thursday, but that's kind of long for everyday use.
Now nobody panic, please. (Including me.) This isn't going to happen immediately, if it happens at all, but it has put me on a bit of a deadline in terms of writing.

Psychic psecretary

Welcome to Why Do I Work Here Wednesday, O readers, back in its normal slot on, well, Wednesday! It has been a more than usually interesting week already and we're not even halfway done, but thanks to tea, patience, writing, a hearty sense of humor, and a lot of early training with children and animals, I'm fighting my way through.
Today's topic is what Glass Bathroom Bank calls "onboarding", which is a fancy term for getting newly hired employees their computers, software, access, etc.

The most incredible thing, part 1

Happy Fiction Friday, O readers! My archives of story have come to my rescue, and yours as well, since it has been a very busy day and I have not had a lot of time to think story-like thoughts. So I dug up this little gem (if I do say so myself), the beginning of a retelling of a lesser-known tale by Hans Christian Andersen.
"The Most Incredible Thing" is a lovely and charming story about the triumph of the human spirit, as expressed in art, over brute force and destructiveness.

Reading between the lines

Good morning, O readers, and happy Why Do I Work Here... Thursday? I know, I know. It's usually Wednesday when I give you chapter and verse about the trials and tribulations of the administrative assistant in the modern financial industry. What can I say? I was busy actually dealing with said trials and tribulations yesterday.
So this is a Why Do I Work Here Wednesday post a day late, in which I will give you a piece of modern business jargon and see if you can translate it correctly.

How to feel old in one easy lesson

As anyone who's been around the Anne B. Walsh fandom for a while can tell you, O readers, I'm not really all that old. Matter of fact, I'm approaching what I've heard called the prime of my life. But I have discovered a surefire way to feel ancient, literally overnight. Packing the house full of college girls will do it every time.
How it happened: a couple years back, my choir director went to hear a concert at the college one of his former music students now attends, and he was impressed.

We come in peace

Happy Read an Ebook Week, O readers! From now through Saturday, March 7, all Anne B. Walsh original ebooks are FREE on! Which anyone who follows my Facebook page, or who's read the latest chapter of my latest fanfic (yes, another one... I can't help myself), will already know, but now the rest of you know too.
I've chosen to take this unprecedented step for many reasons, not least of which is that I know that you, O readers, like me, are often on pretty tight budgets.

The true knight

Greetings, O readers! Life has been a bit hectic lately (as when isn't it), and I haven't been blogging as often as I sometimes do. My apologies for that. Still, I'm doing my best to keep up with Fiction Fridays, whether the fiction in question is of the fan variety, as it was last week, or more or less original, as this week's offering will be.
Why do I say more or less? Well, as embarrassing as this may be to admit, I find that I write better with a starting point, a framework to follow, if you will.


Hey, look at that! I'd written on the Facebook page that I wouldn't be able to put up the Fiction Friday blog post until later today, but some days it's nice to be wrong. Sorry for not posting at all this past week, by the by, O readers. Light-sensitive migraines are nobody's friend, especially when they are caused or worsened by stress.
But in any case, my head feels better now, my vision has stopped distorting, and my balance is back to normal, which means I can do a certain amount of writing.

Why I do work here

Greetings, O readers. If you have been around Anne's Randomness for a while, you may be expecting a Why Do I Work Here Wednesday post today, full of humorous grumping about the state of my workplace. And I could do that, as the stories have certainly not stopped coming. But I think perhaps, just for today, I will not do that.
It's not that it's stopped being funny that the manager of a department of five employees doesn't recognize the "out of paper" symbol on the printer.
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