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The age of hope

Happy Fiction Friday, O readers! To anyone who has found me only through my originals, or who does not care to hear any more about the Dangerverse, you may want to excuse yourself from the post today, as it is going to be quite DV-heavy. For anyone else, come right in, sit right down, and get ready for some Dangerverse fun.
As promised, I am working on a Dangerverse Christmas story, set nineteen years after the DV Final Battle (yes, that is a nod to Jo Rowling's epilogue in DH). However, the story is being a little bit refractory, not wanting to let me get it started.

Keeping my balance

Anyone who writes, or anyone who reads, for that matter, should be familiar with the concept of the balancing act. Stories are, in so many ways, made up of delicate balances. Characters and plot, conflict and comfort, humor and drama, all need to be constantly rebalanced against one another to keep the story-machinery working.
As if that weren't enough, there are also balances affecting the author of those stories. Balancing writing with what is sometimes called a "real life" is one.

Not that hat

Today, O readers, as you all know, is Fiction Friday. However, my writing brain has decided to go on strike, and I cannot get it to behave for me, despite quite a lot of tea and a tasty lunch. Therefore I am going to cheat just a little bit, and make up for it later. The story you will get here on the blog today is entitled "Not That Hat".
Anyone who has already purchased the 2014 Christmas collection, or read what I've had to say about it in previous posts, will probably recognize that title.

Before and after

Good morning, O readers! Ordinarily, today would be Why Do I Work Here Wednesday, in which I would give you pictorial evidence that my coworkers at my day job here at Glass Bathroom Bank (not its real name) are secretly five-year-olds in cleverly designed adult costumes. But this morning, I am in a better mood than that.
Why? Oh, I don't know. Could be the wonderful vocal stylings of Straight No Chaser at their concert last night. Could be my new, just-released Christmas collection.

News! News!

So yesterday at my church, which I jokingly call Our Lady of the Mispronounciation, we held our annual Lessons and Carols service. Bible readings about the promised
Messiah and the birth of Jesus, choral pieces to go with each one, a couple of carols for everyone. Very beautiful and very moving, if very labor-intensive for the choir.
After the service, the roommate and I helped clean up, and found something which led to this little gem: "So, what should we do with this basket of money?

The Found Ones

So apparently among the things I should not do on writing nights, if I wish to continue writing without being inundated by extraneous plotbunnies, is watch live TV productions of famous stories. In this case, it has led only to a Fiction Friday special which crosses over that story with one of my own, but where could it go from here?
Anyone who's read the Dangerverse, and heard my many and varied plaints about what it was supposed to be, could probably give an answer to that question.

Computers, calendars, and coffee

C is for a lot of things, and sadly for me, today, none of them are cookies. Although I do have chocolate chippers at home, hidden in the freezer where ever-hungry dogs and too-curious cats cannot get at them. The roommate can reach them, but she knows what I will do to her if she eats more than her share, so we're good there.
In any case, today is Why Do I Work Here Wednesday, which means it's time for me to take you on a pictorial tour of the wonderful world of Anne's day job!

Merry and bright

Warning! Warning! The Made-Up Monday post for today contains Dangerverse spoilers! If you have not finished reading the Dangerverse, and you do not wish to be spoiled for what takes place in the final chapters, turn back now! This is your only warning. Read further at your own risk, and brace yourselves for emotional impact!
Am I being a little silly about this? Well, yes. But it's me. Why would you expect anything other than silliness, especially when it comes to the Dangerverse?


If someone invited you, O readers, to pursue a profession in which it was an ordinary part of business for anonymous strangers to casually walk up and gut-punch you or kick your teeth in, I think your response would probably be similar to the title of this post. No. Just no. Why should any sane person allow themselves to be hurt like that?
I have this feeling frequently, although the punches and kicks in my line of work tend to be verbal, not physical. Such as long-winded, critical anonymous reviews.

The princess who might have been

And so, once again, we come in the course of things to Fiction Friday, and today I have for you something which you may consider a treat, or which you may not. You will have to let me know. It has to do with what month it is, and what that means, and how that causes me to depart from my usual procedure in terms of writing.
Usually, when I write, I give careful consideration to how the words sound even on the first draft, because most of my revision process happens inside my head. The vast majority of my fanfic chapters, and even a great many parts of my originals, changed only slightly from the first time they hit the screen until they arrived in your hands, O readers.
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