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What you should know
We're back!
My greatest fear
Be careful what you ask for...
Wanted: one mouse


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What you should know

Hello again, O readers! I know it must be surprising, getting two blog posts from me within a week, after such a long silence. Consider it either something extra to be thankful for, since Thanksgiving is celebrated this Thursday in the United States, or Christmas (or other wintry holiday of your choice) coming early, as you please.

Two-parter today, first a refresher course on where and how you can find books by Anne, in all their various formats, and then a Made-Up Monday story for you as well!

We're back!

We being, of course, Fiction Friday and I. Take a bow, Friday. And now me. Greetings, O readers! It's been an exciting month since last I blogged, featuring such delights as plumbing disasters, falling pieces of ceiling, dogs who need pills (cream cheese helps), humans who need pills (just some water, thanks), and... wait for it... writing.

Now, by writing, I don't mean only the silly, all-for-me stuff I tend to crank out during NaNoWriMo. Though I'm doing that too. No, I mean actual readable writing.

My greatest fear

Happy Halloween, O readers. One year ago today, I posted the last installment of the main Dangerverse. Who would have thought that one year later, I'd be... well, pretty much just where I was last year at this time, except more so. Things have changed, certainly, but mainly they have not changed for the better, I'm afraid. Let me explain.

As most of you know, I inherited from my father a tendency to light-sensitive migraines. What I did not know until recently is my mother's contribution.

Be careful what you ask for...

Good evening, O readers! Fair warning: this post contains religion. If you are not in the mood to read about religion, may I suggest coming back tomorrow, when the post for Fiction Friday will contain, appropriately, fiction? If you are in the mood, please, read on. It's not a preachy story, or a heavy one, so who knows? You might even enjoy it.

As anyone who's been around my writing fandom for a while will probably have figured out by now, I'm a practicing Roman Catholic, and have been all my life.

Wanted: one mouse

Anyone who follows my Facebook page (or should I say, who's been able to follow my Facebook page lately, with all the uproar about down-time over the last few days) will know about the fun I had on Monday with the request system at Glass Bathroom Bank, trying to fulfill what seemed like a simple order. Namely, a new mouse.

To recap, for anyone who hasn't seen the story: I used the form within the request system labeled "Mouse" to request a new mouse for an employee I support.

Where your treasure is, part 4

Happy Fiction Friday, for once on its proper day, O readers! Today's selection is the last part of "Where Your Treasure Is", and should explain both why I chose that title (for a hint, try finishing the quotation) and what is the point of this particular snippet in the overarching story universe. One intelligent reader has already hit on it.

A bit of explanation is due to anyone who is not familiar with Regency romances and other historicals set around that same time in the British Isles.

Where your treasure is, part 3

The weekend is over, the workday beckons, but before that, why not take a little fictional break with me? Good morning, O readers, and welcome to another Made-Up Monday! Also Make-Up Monday, if you will, since I missed a couple of Fiction Fridays and am therefore making up for that (get it, get it?) with dual posts for two weeks.

It was quite a wild weekend here, with a lot of emotional highs and lows, although I'm still waiting for the results on one particular question involving writing. I know I've been very mysterious about this, and thank you for being patient with me.

Where your treasure is, part 2

Happy Fiction Friday, O readers! If you're looking at the time this was posted a little askance, well, you're right. Technically I should be on my way to work. But Friday traffic is always pretty light, and I don't really have to be at my desk until 7:45, so I'm going to give morning posting a shot and see if it solves the "I'm too tired" problem.

I have been tired the last few weeks and months, tired of a lot of things, which is why the postings both here and on Facebook have been sporadic and slow.

Where your treasure is, part 1

Once again, O readers, I'm back! Life does not like me lately, but I suppose everyone has stretches of tough times, even if this feels a bit tougher than usual. I'm alive and well, as is the other human and the animals. The house is sound, the lights are on, and there's food in the fridge and pantry. So I'll get through the rest of it somehow.

Since part of the toughness of the times is that my inner critic is being nastier than usual about new words on the page, I'll be dipping into the archives.

Water, water everywhere, and other things that go wrong at the office

This past Monday was more than usually interesting at dear old Glass Bathroom Bank (name changed to protect the terminally embarrassed), so I thought I would hop onto the blog at my first convenience, which happened to be today, to document it. If you don't laugh, you'll cry, and one of those is far more acceptable behavior at the office.

For instance, I discovered on Monday morning that significant traffic backups on one of the main artery roads into Pittsburgh now begin before 6:30 AM.
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